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Intelligence & Stupidity: Not Mutually Exclusive

I've recently read Robert J. Sternberg's excellent anthology "Why Smart People Can Be So Stupid". In it, there are a number of different cogent theories as to why highly intelligent people can still frequently do profoundly stupid things. My favorite is that stupidity is a lack of skillfully knowing when to apply your intelligence. If true, it implies we can learn (or be trained) not to be stupid, just like riding a bike. Very intriguing ideas.

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Vegetarian Light

About four years ago, I gave up eating meat and poultry. My reasons were:
  • Only roughly 10% of the energy is transferred up a level in the food chain.That means that we could feed roughly 10 times as many people using the same area. Factoring in overpopulation and sprawl, it seemed more responsible.
  • We don't eat monkeys, dolphins, and dogs, primarily because they're intelligent. Where's the cut off? After all, pigs are smarter than dogs. To be on the safe side, I avoided mammals and poultry.
  • Seemed healthier.
Because I ate fish, dairy, and eggs, I'm not a real vegetarian. However, recent studies have me considering giving up fish.

At the same time, hard core veganism seems really difficult for someone who is allergic to soy and not real interested in preparing my own food. (Cooking for other people is far more fun) I guess I'd need a few more compelling reasons to go that far.
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