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My Goofing Off Is Now 5 Times As Efficient

Woohoo! PyDS and MythTV are wonderful! Today is the first day I can remember where I wasn't even tempted to read anything on the web during work, simply because I knew it was all waiting for me at home, in a summarized and ad-free version. I managed to find RSS/RDF feeds for 90% of the things I regularly read and use PyDS to aggregate them (I found Cheesegrater to screen scrape into RSS as well. This is on the same machine I have installed MythTV so I've got web stories, blog articles, and TV all conveniently organized and waiting for me. The TV programs automatically skip any and all commercials. I now watch far less TV (no more channel surfing), and waste less time surfing the web, checking for updates. These are extraordinary leaps forward in goofing off technology!

So far only two minor problems:
  • Some blogs update their feeds when they fix typos so they show up multiple times
  • I do not discover new resources (TV shows, blogs, etc.) unless my known resources tell me about them.
So what's my next project? I spend all day writing software at work, so I sometimes have low motivation for doing similar things at home, but I have a couple ideas:
  • Personalized collaborative recommendations for blogs/syndicated sites
  • Automatic Grocery list and recipe suggestions using a Barcode reader, a database, and some nutrition info
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