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Why The Media Sucks Even When They Try Not To

The Columbia Journalism Review, publication of record for journalists nation-wide, has published an analysis of media training, and the ways in which guests have transformed interviewing into PR.
Every PR firm offers media training, which includes how to avoid answering questions, and all the other things that make interviews suck so much. Interesting tidbit about how most florists (FTD, etc.) are trained to change the subject when asked about price gouging for roses around valentines day.
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Great Quote

"The people have spoken," the Labour MP replied to the programme, "... the bastards."
Apparently the BBC set up a poll for their listeners to suggest new legislation and got a minister of parliament to guarantee they'd introduce it. Wacky pranksters hijaaked the poll to pick the worst option the system allowed. Regardless, what a great quote.
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Robot Scientist

Oh come on now. I know I was being somewhat alarmist about technology and offshore implying there are few "safe" jobs, but they've gone and created a robot scientist (or via boston globe), apparently. The robot is capable of observing a behavior, generating hypotheses to explain it, devising experiments to test the hypotheses and observing the results of the experiments. I'm sure it doesn't work well or really threaten any scientist jobs, but it does seems a bit ridiculous in light of the other job destruction going on.
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This is kinda cool. You can look up all the blogs that are near by you. Of course, I'm blatantly posting this to test if I show up there.

Update: Hot Damn! It shows up in their aggregator and everything. I had to add the meta tag with my coordinates in it to my main page though.
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