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Mars is warmer than Michigan

Great. It was 12 degrees on Mars while it was just 2 degrees here. If we're lucky, the High today may match the high recorded by the Martian rover.
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Books: Neuroscience, Woker Co-ops, and Nonviolent Communication

Mmmm... I want this book on Popular neuroscience (ISBN: 0743241657). I'm currently reading the Real World of Employee Ownership (ISBN: 0801483948) and Nonviolent Communication (ISBN: 1892005034). The Nonviolent communication is a very easy read, but the Employee Ownership (Worker Co-op & ESOP) is a little more challenging, despite my interest.

None of these is currently in the beta feature of Google for searching books in print, so the first chapter is not freely available online (indexing by ISBN). For instance, here's the first chapter of "The Dream's Our Stuff is Made of". If you replace the ISBN with a book you're interested in, sometimes you can read the first chapter for free online and decide if you want to buy it, depending on whether Google has added it. Pretty cool. Amazon allows you to search the full text of many (most?) books, but there's no way read any part of the relevant text. (They do sometimes let you see a few pictures of the covers and a few pages, but that's not related to the search thing)
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