EdgeWise 19.1.2004

Via Brad DeLong, an H.G. Wells quote that resonates with me:
"But must life always be like this? I could die, indeed, I would willingly jump into this cold and muddy river now, if by so doing I could stick a stiff dead hand through all these things in the future,--a dead commanding hand insisting with a silent irresistible gesture that this waste and failure of life should cease, and cease forever."

"But it does cease! Each year in its proportions it is a little less."

I walked in silence, and my companion talked by my side.

"We go on. Here is a good thing done, and there is a good thing done. The Good Will in man--"

"Not fast enough. It goes so slowly--and in a little while we too must die."

"It can be done," said my companion.

"It could be avoided," say I.

"It shall be in the days to come. There is food enough for all, shelter for all, wealth enough for all. Men need only know it and will it. And yet we have this!"
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